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Art at the Garden

Pamela Sue Keller – Mezzanine Gallery
October 19 – December 31st

Pamela Sue KellerEach work is a page from my daily sketchbook journal. My sketchbook is autobiographical so each piece represents a mood, thought, or an idea from that days drawing session. The immediacy of a sketchbook is vital to my creative process of role.
I still want to work on my sketches even after the sketchbook paper has absorbed all the ink and pen tension that it can. So I photograph the page and continue to create by digitally manipulating the photographs. Generally, that means manipulating color balance and saturation. Afterward, I have the pieces commercially printed on canvas and I continue the creative process further using acrylic paint. All these ways of working on the piece help me develop the sketchy ideas into more realized imagery. Many of the titles for the pieces are from poems. I have been reading E.E Cummings, Wallace Stevens since high school, and more recently, Mary Oliver.

This art is available for purchase with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Garden. Art-at-the-Garden-logo
Information available in the Shoppe at the Garden

Herb Lewis – Carriage House Gallery

Herb LewisHerb Lewis, a retired engineer, has a passion for gardening and birding and a joy for sharing his knowledge and experiences.  Herb shares his success and techniques for attracting birds through presentations, workshops and training events.  His birding interest has expanded into the establishment of the Lewis Birding Trail at the Huntsville Botanical Garden.  These birds were photographed at the Garden.

This art is available for purchase with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Garden. Art-at-the-Garden-logo
Information available in the Shoppe at the Garden

Melanie O’Keefe – Heritage Gallery
August 18 – December 31st

profileAward winning artist Melanie O’Keefe’s realist paintings were among those of artists chosen to be featured in the 2017 Huntsville Museum of Art Auction Gala. Ms. O’Keefe was interviewed by and published in the regional magazine The Weld regarding her unique ability to see detail and light. Other accomplishments include appearing on the ABC/33-40 morning show. She has done numerous commissions for clients here and abroad, including one for a retired senator from the country of Panama. She has been invited to and participated in shows around the country. She also teaches classes and workshops.

Ms. O’Keefe excels at painting detailed and realistic landscapes in acrylics and oils. She especially loves painting trees and water. She spends time in the detail of the bark and leaf patterns to make the trees come alive. Also, she is able to paint different scenes of water by grasping the multidimensional aspects and patterns from the source and reflections on the water. Her love of nature and her love for painting merge to give viewers the feeling they could walk right into the painting.

Melanie says this about her art, “I’ve never had any formal training, except drafting in design school. I dabbled in art over the years but never for any length of time. It wasn’t till I painted murals in two nursery halls at church in Birmingham in 2011 and 2012, that I then decided it was time to try painting on canvas. In 2014 I decided to make the plunge and go fulltime and pursue art as a career. I am very passionate about my work and spend longs hours to achieve the results I’m looking for. I have experimented with other styles but my passion is realism. My goal is to always grow as an artist. This includes taking workshops and some classes. I strive to make each painting better than the last.”

This art is available for purchase with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Garden. Art-at-the-Garden-logo
Information available in the Shoppe at the Garden

George Sherwood – Throughout the Garden
September 1 – November 30

George Sherwood

Wind, Waves, and Light: Kinetic Sculptures

American sculptor George Sherwood explores aesthetic systems of space, time, and the dynamic relationships of objects in motion. His work is usually made of stainless steel, the reflective qualities of which integrate the sculpture into its environment. For his outdoor works, wind speed and direction, shades of light, time of day, precipitation, and seasonal color transform the qualities of light and movement of the sculpture.
This art is available for purchase with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Garden. Art-at-the-Garden-logo
Information available in the Shoppe at the Garden


Jimbo Smith – Cedar Glade in the Garden
March 10 – October 31

Profile pictureJimbo is a classically trained artist interested in creating artwork that has a universal appeal. He began his artistic training in the field of drawing but soon discovered the expressive capabilities of metal art and began to shift his focus to public art in order to present his work to a much broader audience. His current work provides a clear link between the abstract and the realistic, the natural and the mechanical, the spiritual and the material, and the ancient and the modern. The design principle of his sculpture is that of ‘abstraction’, which he discovered to be a fascinating method in which to explore his aesthetic ideas. The dinosaur became the ideal subject for the creation of a new sculpture that would allow Jimbo to illustrate his artistic vision as well as to express an appreciation for the natural history of the state of Alabama. On these terms, his sculpture “Zeke Appalachiosaurus” is a triumphant achievement and a testament to the enduring value of artistic ambition and the human imagination.

Jimbo has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Montevallo and is preparing to enter graduate school where he plans to further his artistic career. He currently works at Chris Fennell studios as a sculptor assistant and resides in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama.

This art is available for purchase with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Garden. Art-at-the-Garden-logo
Information available in the Shoppe at the Garden

Coppersmith Robert Taylor – Throughout the Garden
April 1 – September 30

Robert TaylorCoppersmith Robert Taylor is a Roycroft Master Artisan. He is one of only five Roycroft Master Coppersmith’s in the country to hold that title. On the bottom of each piece you will find two special marks, or stamps; one with his initials and one that denotes his work is made in the Roycroft style.

One must pass a stringent jury process to become a Roycroft Artisan. After five years of growth, an Artisan is eligible to apply for Master status by submitting five flawless master level pieces to a Master jury.

Robert began working with metal as a blacksmith about 28 years ago. Through the years he has studied with many blacksmiths, but fell in love with copper. Robert started copper-smithing by making whimsical critters and weather vanes. His work will be on display at the Garden from April 1 – June 30. Fifteen pieces will be available for purchase.

This art is available for purchase with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Garden. Art-at-the-Garden-logo
Information available in the Shoppe at the Garden

Shelby Aesthetic – Conservatory Gallery
Personal Pics

ShelbyShelby is the Huntsville Botanical Garden’s Assistant Horticulture Director. She has the unique opportunity to see and photograph the Garden as it awakens in the early dawn. Shelby brings her knowledge and expertise in plants and turf management to the Garden. She is also a very creative and passionate artist in other mediums.

Mike Gibson – Conservatory Gallery
Personal Pics

MMG Mar10 2017 n1Mike is the Curator of the Huntsville Botanical Garden and has a vast and thorough knowledge of plants.  Mike is interested in ethnobotany and the history of plants. He has been carefully archiving plant species with photographs and mapping. In addition to his love of photography, he creates intricate wood engravings.

Melissa Riley – Conservatory Gallery
Personal Pics

MelissaMelissa is the Vice President of Guest Experience and has been a member of the Huntsville Botanical Garden staff for 13 years. She has a very creative sense of composition that she translates in her photographs. “I love what I see through a camera.”

Wade Wharton – Throughout the Garden
Displayed Indefinitely

Wade WhartonWade was born in Tyronza, Arkansas and lived in Huntsville, Alabama for roughly 40 years. He was a member of the Huntsville Art League and the Arts Council, Inc. He was also a founding member of the Huntsville Fern Society here at the Garden. Wade was an incredible volunteer and though he is no longer with us, his artwork is located throughout the Garden to remind everyone how creative and beautiful the world truly can be. Wade had the undeniable ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! The Garden was very lucky to have several of his late works donated and we display them with an immense sense of pride.




Art at the Garden 

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