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New and Renewing Members


Thank you to our New and Renewing Members at the Garden Affiliate, Garden Friend, Garden Fellow, Garden Patron & Garden Ambassador Levels for April through June 2012:

(* denotes multi-year renewals)


 Friend:  Fellow:  Patron:  Ambassador:

Ralph and Linda Allen

Sherwood and Susan Anderson

Lewis and Sheri Aycock

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Backer

Jonathan and Margaret Day Baker

J.V. and Jeanette Balch

John and Ann Battcher

Linda and John Baucom

Charles and Laura Biggerstaff

Dr. and Mrs. David Billings

John and Jane Bise

Trisha and Greg Bragg

Hollis and Fairee Bridges

Patrick and Toni Bridges

Ray and Jean Burgess

Toni and Bob Campbell

Harold and Ann Carey

Stephen and Polly Ann Cayson

Dr. and Mrs. R. Hugh Comfort

Lavonne Conner

Dennis and Sallie Conover

William and Dee Ann Creel

Joseph W. Cremin

Walt and Ann Crumpton

Leslie and M.A. Curtis

Sharon Darty

Roy and Sue Day

Buddy and Melvia Driver

Kevin and Randi Dry

Russell Dunford

Jean and Steve Elliott

Roger and Sandra Ellis

Bob and Pat Fanning

Charles and Linda Fitts

Joan Funk

Mrs. Madge Genter

Brigitte and Lisa Gerhardt

Tony and Kaylen Gioia

Laura and Robert Glenn

Tony and Louise Graffeo

David and Dixie Hammond

Richard and Elaine Hamner

Dr. and Mrs. Dick Hartman

Mrs. Julia M. Hawk

Patsy Horsley

Brooke and Luke Hyde

Joel and Christin Jocson

Katie and Josh Johnson

William and Sydna Johnson

Jacqueline and John Jones

Dottie Keebler

Austin and Susan King

Dr. and Mrs. Harry E. Kinnane

Leo and Bob Larkin

Kathy and John Latimer

Dr. and Mrs. J. Wayne Littles

Stephen and Janice Luchner

Alex and Shelaine Luttrell

Jim and Barb Markestad

Donna and Ron McMillan

Matthew and Stephanie Mell

Rick and Shelley Merrill

Wayne and Dianne Miller

Robert and Karen Mitchell

Dr. and Mrs. David E. Moore

Dr. Stephan Moran and Dr. Ellen Moran

Nancy Mosley and Jennifer Perkins

Marilyn Newhouse

Sheila and Nick Pappas

Don and Nadine Perkey

Judy and Jim Pockrus

Joe and Rebecca Pollock

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Price

Carolyn and Robert Purser

Ray Reska

Judy Rhea

Bobby and Susan Rocha

Dr. Craig and Mrs. Mary Romer

Susan Rutledge and Charlotte Ratliff

Janet and Marc Salverson

Agatha and J. Douglas Saunders

Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Scalfano Jr.

Eleanor and John Schweinsberg

Lorene and George Shrout

Eugene and Debra Sims

Sandra J. Skvorz

Louis and Laura Smith

William and Catherine Smith

Mrs. Michael A. Stafford

Mary R. Stovall

Gloria and Steve Stover

Joseph and Janice Sturbois

Rick Szcepanski and Ann Marie Batista

Daniel and Annette Thibodeau

Pete and Mala Thompson

John and Linda Tinker

Stephanie and Linda Tolbert

Nick and Betty Van Valkenburgh

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Van Valkenburgh, Jr.

Mrs. Diane B. Weiler

Heidi and Ezio Wheeler

Linda and Glenn Wheeler

Mary Beth Wilder and Jeff Lower

Steve and Brenda Wynn

Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Yarn Jr.

Emmett and Felicity Yates

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Young




Gene and Martha Andrzejewski

Les and Janice Bowers

Mike and Lynn Carden

Tracy and April Collins

Karen and James Edwards

Frank and Judy Frank

Richard and Phyllis Holloway

Clifford and Sharon Ibsen

Sharon and Mike Jordan

Bernard and Nancy Morgan

Dr. and Mrs. George R. Painter

Beth Powel

Dr. and Mrs. John L. Regner

Bill Roberts

Arthur and Jeanette Tokaz

Charles and Lucy Vedane

Jane and Tom Wacaster

Ken and Peggy Wright

Christopher and Nicolette Beale

Jo Ann and Fred Braam

Ken and Ginny Bragg

Jack and Betty Brooks

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Chandler

Lucy Cotten*

Michael and Eileen Dalen

Thomas and Joan Diggs

John and Lynn Graves

Jim and Mary Griffith

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Griggs*

Dr. and Mrs. Mike Holtcamp

Patrick and Mary Lou Keyes

John and Marion Laszar*

Susan and Kent Parker

Leland and Diana Sisson

John and Daisy Smith

Grant and Jackie Steele

Thomas and Sandra Stevens

Philip and Marie Thomas

Dr. and Mrs. Shannon W. Turney

Margaret and Mack Vann

Dr. and Mrs. Steve Welden*

Robert and Marilyn Whiteford

John and Jan Wicks*



 Charles and Sarah Allen

William and Joyce Billingsley

Jerry and Kathryn Davis

Tim and Barbara Fisk*

Thomas Godfroy and Victoria Serbia

Andrew and Sarah Lauren Kattos

Leonard and Ila Mitchum

Dr. and Mrs. Everett C. Mosley

Ms. Barbara Paul and Mr. Tom Hickerson



Bob and Phylis Baron

Melissa and Michael Edwards

Jean Hairston