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L'Espalier Society

L'Espalier (l'i-spal'-yea): A trellis or other framework on which a tree or shrub is trained to grow. L'Espalier is a French word derived from the Italian "spalliera" which means something to rest the shoulder (spalla) against; a support. The purpose of the Society is to honor and recognize the individuals and organizations whose outstanding and cumulative giving provide the framework on which our Garden grows.

All Garden donors at the level of $1,000 and above are designated as members of our major donor society, L'Espalier. Donors at the level of $5,000 and above are listed on the Donor Wall in the Linda J. Smith Visitor Center. L'Espalier levels and their explanations are listed as follows:

  • L'Arbre (Tree): $100,000 cumulative lifetime giving
  • La Fleur (Flower): $50,000 cumulative lifetime giving
  • La Branche (Branch): $25,000 cumulative lifetime giving
  • Le Tronk (Trunk): $10,000 - $24,999 cumulative giving in 10-year period
  • La Racine (Root): $5,000 - $9,999 cumulative giving in a 5-year period
  • La Graine (Seed): $1,000 - $4,999 cumulative giving in 1-year period