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Your Garden – August

August 2016

Summer will be coming to an end soon! Our Gardens are probably ready for a break from the heat. Remember to water plants only as needed. Most plants only need 1 inch of rain per week. If you have a range gauge for your irrigation system, this might be a great time to use it.

Over-watering can be just as hazardous as under watering!
It is also helpful to remove deadhead, which means removing the dead flowers or blooms from a plant. If you keep an eye out for lifeless blooms on annuals and perennials you can extend their bloom time. We want them to last as long as possible!

Needing some inspiration for your garden at home? Come visit the Huntsville Botanical Garden, take pictures, and find what plant and landscape speaks to you. This can be anything from the way the plants are displayed to which flowers look the best together. It is a great idea to plant early bloomers and late bloomers, so your garden is constantly full of life.

Can you believe it is time to start planting your fall vegetable garden? Pumpkins, butternut squash, carrots, and cabbage are all very popular. Salad crops are a great way to revitalize any vegetable garden after a hot summer.

Lawn Tip: Bermuda lawns should be receiving their last application of Nitrogen fertilizer.

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