humidity: 70%
wind: 9mph SE
H 78 • L 75

What is Growing on – October

2Pumpkins are here! Orange Summit and Deneli Pumpkins create the fall feel while varieties like Peanut, Snowball, Red Warty Thing, Blue Jarrahdale, Porcelain Doll, White Polar Pear, Casperita pumpkins add dimension and colors. Cosmos and zinnia fill the area with annual color producing an eye catching display. Please be seated on the reconditioned 1949 Ford 8N tractor for a photo opportunity.

Blue Jarrahdale Pumpkin– stunning blue-green skin comes to us from the town of Jarrahdale in New Zealand. Weighing in the 8-10 lb. range and 10″ tall, the flattened, firm-ribbed fruits have mild, slightly sweet, almost fruity, golden-yellow flesh that’s highly aromatic

Denali Pumpkin– Large, dark orange fruit with good ribbing and large handle. Excellent potential for multiple marketable fruit per plant.

Porcelian Doll Pumpkin– Pink with sweet flesh used for pies, soups, and displays

White Polar Bear Pumpkin-  retains its color after maturity in the field  and in decorative displays. Long, vigorous vines produce fruit typically weighing 30-40 lbs.

Japanese Maple– Acer japonicum and palmatum  are special trees throughout  the garden ‘Moonglow, ‘Sango-kaku’, ‘ Bloodgood’ and ‘Tamukeyuma’ are a few of the varieties you will see as you enjoy the garden

Carnivorous Picher Plant– Sarracenia is a marginal aquatic perennial with a modified leaf that creates a pitfall trap to collect insects by luring them- Mathews Nature Trail, New carnivorous plant display in the south end of the Bush Azalea Trail

Switch Grass- Panicum virgatum ‘Shenandoah’, ‘Northwind’ ,’Cloud Nine’ – 3-6 ft ornamental grass with stiff columnar from- Main Entrance

Encore Azalea-Rhododendron x ‘Autumn Carnival’ and ‘Autumn Carnation’  – are covered in blooms; Encore! Encore!

Mexican Sage Bush -Salvia leucantha – bicolor, purple and white spiked blooms with a velvety texture. Attracts humming birds

Red Spider Liliy Lycoris radiata  v. radiata – blooms on bare stems that seem to appear from  nowhere.