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Wisely Choosing You Wedding Services – Budgets and Bargains

Some food for thought… do you know a new Lamborghini automobile is never offered “on-sale” at a dealership?  Do you know why?  It’s because for Lamborghini buyers, purchasing the Lamborghini is not a financial decision.  Purchasing a Lamborghini is an emotional decision; based on the buyers desire to own a remarkable, impressive and unique automobile.  A Lamborghini purchase is all about the outcome of the purchase.  Lamborghini doesn’t find the need to run specials, or offer discounts, or give anything away for free.  As a rule, only someone who can afford a Lamborghini will seriously consider the purchase; and the buyer knows they are purchasing a high quality product that will perform at the height of its capabilities, backed by sharp customer service and an outstanding worldwide reputation.  The purchase will likely impress their peers, excite their senses and completely satisfy their needs.

The same can be said for your wedding event venue and vendors.  If your goal is a remarkable, impressive and unique event, you are seeking wedding professionals to provide services and products which will incomparably contribute to your vision and expectations.  However, these “top notch” type of services are typically not going to offer you unrealistic discounts or under market pricing for their services.  These services already possess a reputation for providing remarkable, impressive and unique experiences which brides continually enlist without the need for them to offer promotional gimmicks, teasers and deep discounts.

Conversely, those services which do offer deep discounts, bargain prices or “we’ll beat any deal” sales pitches are generally attempting to compete in the marketplace with inferior products, sub-par skill sets, inexperience or very average service offerings.  And this may be acceptable, so long as the bride is not expecting any more than face value.

Wedding professionals do realize it is absolutely critical for a bride to have a working budget throughout the wedding planning process and that not every bride will pursue their emotional wishes over financial decisions.  However, as a bride you should have a vision of your wedding day outcome and work to entrust true professionals to help you accomplish your vision, without having to second guess the “bargain” you found with a service that promised, “We can do it all for less…”  Seek out the top locations, services and products in your price range and trust your instincts to lead you to wonderful wedding day!