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Whats growing on – October 2017

Japanese MapleAcer japonicum and palmatum  are distinctive trees throughout  the garden ‘Moonglow, ‘Sango-kaku’, ‘ Bloodgood’ and ‘Tamukeyuma’ are a few of the varieties you will see as you enjoy the garden

New England AsterSymphyotrichum novae-angliae is a  native herbaceous perennial 3-4ft tall and 2-3ft wide deep pink purple 1.5” daisy like flowers can be  found in the Four Seasons Garden

Woods Blue AsterSymphyotrichun  dumosus ‘Wood’s Light Blue’ is a herbaceous perennial 8”-12” tall and wide with 1.5” daisy like flowers. This plant was breed and chosen for its dwarf habit and abundance of color gracing floral borders here in our Four Seasons Garden.

Beautyberry– Callicarpa americana deciduous shrub 3-5  ft tall with lilac-violet fruit a large display can be viewed at Nichol’s Terrace and the Damson Aquatic Garden

Upside Down FernArachniodes standissii A. standishii is one of the most beautiful in the genus it has earned the nickname upside-down fern due to its unique structure of the upper surface appearing to be constructed, the pinnae and pinnule rachises prominently raised, as the lower surface would be in other ferns. This is just one of hundreds of ferns you will find in the Fern Glade.

Muhly Grass– Muhlenbergia capillaris  ornamental perennial grass 2-3 ft with clouds of pink to pinkish-red flowers in the fall – found on the entrance, Children’s Garden and Teledyne Terrace

Switch Grass- Panicum virgatum ‘Shenandoah’, ‘Northwind’ ,’Cloud Nine’ – 3-6 ft ornamental grass with stiff columnar from- Main Entrance

October Magic TM  Series Camellias- Camellia sasanqua ‘October Magic Pink Perplaxion, Dawn, Orchid, Ruby, Snow’ are compact camellias reaching only 4-5 ft tall, 3-4’ft wide with small, profuse blooms in many colors in fall. Can take more sun than other camellias – found in the Dogwood Trail, Azalea Trail, Dogwood Courtyard

Black gum or Black Tupelo- Nyssa sylvatica is one of the first shade trees to start changing color.  Bright red to scarlet fall leaf color on these native trees. Look for them at the south side of Guest Center and the Mathews Nature Trail

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