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Capture the Magic – Witch Balls and Spirit Orbs

Enchantment is in the air at the Huntsville Botanical Garden with the opening of the Gardens of Myth exhibit, and the Shoppe at the Garden has selected some unique merchandise for those looking to take a piece of the magic home with them.

Much like the Southern tradition of keeping a bottle tree in the front yard to capture malevolent spirits, witch balls have been used for centuries to ward off evil spells and keep negative energy at bay. The brightly colored spheres are created in such a way that thin strands of glass form a web inside each globe. Legend has it that witches, goblins, and other malicious spirits, mesmerized by the swirling reflections cast by the colorful balls, are lured inside where they are trapped by the web-like strands.

The first witch balls are believed to date to medieval times and were crudely formed. They regained popularity in 18th century England as well as during the Victorian era, when they took on a more refined shape. Though the legend behind them remained, the decorative balls were instead viewed as a representation of status and wealth.

The Shoppe at the Garden has a dazzling selection of witch balls, fairy orbs, and spirit orbs for sale – each unique in color and design.

Keep with the centuries-old tradition and place a witch ball in an east window to protect your home’s tranquility.


Hang a collection of fairy orbs from an ornamental tree to enjoy in the summer, and then incorporate them into your holiday décor in the winter.


Add warmth and light to your home or patio with an oil lamp, available in the same sizes and variety of colors.

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Spirit orbs come equipped with an LED lighting component. Allow the orb to charge in the sun for 8-10 hours to enjoy its ethereal glow in your outdoor living space in the evening.

Each piece is hand-blown by glass artisans and individually boxed. Give one as a gift to lift someone’s spirit or to invite positive energy into a new home.

Ranging in price from $32-$54, these delightful pieces are available for purchase in the Shoppe at the Garden today!

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