Notes from the Garden – November 2019

Did you know that almost 40% of the accessioned plants in our collection are native to southeastern North America? While our garden proudly displays plants from a global palette that grow well in our humid subtropical climate here in north Alabama, we have a long history of collecting and cultivating native plants, too. In fact, we are deliberately increasing native plant species diversity at Huntsville Botanical Garden, including species of conservation concern. We are very excited about the new native plant species (and new provenances) that have been added this year to enrich our biodiversity and provide benefits to birds and pollinators. In 2019, we added 52 “new to us” species (or provenances) of native plants — including 8 species that are threatened or endangered. Specifically, we added a selection of asters, goldenrods, grasses, and shrubs from the Highland Rim, Cumberland Plateau, Valley and Ridge, and Piedmont Upland physiographic regions of northern Alabama.

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