Flower Power Activity

Did you know the flowers you’re starting to see appear this spring are more than just something beautiful for us look at?  They play a very important part in how plants survive and reproduce by making seeds. But before a flower can make seeds, it has to be pollinated.

Each part of a flower has a job to do in the pollination process. The anther is attached to the stamen and it produces the pollen particles that are moved around from flower to flower. The stigma is attached to the pistil and it traps the pollen so it can travel through the pistil to fertilize the egg in the ovary. You’re probably most familiar with petals, the outer portion of the flower that attract pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Take a look at this beautiful tulip that is in the Garden!

Can you find a flower in your yard or neighborhood and identify all the parts yourself? If you don’t have a real flower, you can use an artificial one or find a picture of one. 

Create your own sketch of the flower you choose and label its different parts. Then, share a picture of your flower with us on Facebook or Instagram.  We would love to see your beautiful blooms!

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