Category: Huntsville Botanical Garden

Butterfly Lifecycle – Part Two

Butterfly Larva (Caterpillar) Larva, also known as a caterpillar, is the stage of the butterfly’s life cycle for growth. The larva spends its time eating, growing, and resting. The caterpillars feed on their host plants, which can range from a … Continue reading

What’s Growing On – July 2017

Demonstration Vegetable Garden – tomatoes, zucchini, green beans and blueberries at peak; hosts container research project in cooperation with Auburn University Fern Collection – 170 species located in the Fern Glade; others are located throughout the Garden Japanese Painted Fern, … Continue reading

Wisely Choosing Music : Wedding Receptions

Wedding events are quite popular at Huntsville Botanical Gardens! We’ll cover some wedding event entertainment questions on this blog to assist brides and wedding clients. We’ll start with choosing music for your wedding event. When selecting music for your wedding … Continue reading

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