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FAQ: Galaxy Driving Nights

Q: Do you walk or drive?

This is such a great question and the answer is BOTH!  Our walking nights are a MUST!  Walking nights begin November 15-18 and continue November 21-26.  On November 18 and 25 only, you are welcome to bring your canine companions to walk the Galaxy of Lights trail!  For more Walking Night information click here.

Driving nights begin Friday, November 29 and continue through January 4. Please note: Galaxy will be closed on December 2 for the Galaxy 5k and December 3 for the Galaxy 3k Holiday Dash.

Q: Where is the entrance to Galaxy of Lights?

The entrance is off of Bob Wallace near I-565 on Phantom Rd.  Just look for the BIG “Enter Here” signs. We used to enter through the Garden’s entrance, but it got to be a real traffic nightmare.  The U.S. Space and Rocket Center has graciously allowed us to move through some of their property to keep traffic safe and off Bob Wallace.

Q: When is the best time to come Galaxy of Lights?

To avoid the long lines and enjoy the lights, we suggest you come early in the season (beginning the night after  Thanksgiving), on weekdays, and as close to 5:30 p.m. as possible.  Make sure your gas tank and bellies are full! 

Q: How much are tickets for driving nights?

Tickets are $25 for up to ten people in a vehicle.  Tickets purchased in advance online or at the Shoppe at the Garden are $20. Garden members receive an additional $5 off tickets purchased in advance online or in the gift shop. Military discounts are available at the gate on Monday nights with your military ID.

Q: Are there any discounts available for tickets at the gate?

We offer $1 off at the gate (per vehicle) with any donation of toys, canned goods, paper products, dog/cat food, or warm coats for our local charities. Military discounts are available at the gate on Monday nights with your military ID.

Q: Are there any group rates for tour buses or groups larger than ten?

For buses or vans carrying ten or more passengers, the rate is $25 for the first ten, $3 for each additional person.  For tour buses, the driver is free.  Please call to schedule your group at 256-830-4447 ext. 223.

Q: When do driving nights start?

Driving nights begin November 29 and continue through January 4. PLEASE NOTE: Galaxy of Lights will be closed on December 2 and 3 for the Galaxy 5k and 3k.

Q: How long does it take to drive through the Galaxy of Lights?

This is always a tough question to answer. If you have a lead foot and it’s early in the season, you can make it through in 15 minutes. If you arrive on one of our busy nights, you could spend upwards of 3 hours from beginning to end. Our volunteers work very hard to make sure that everyone’s experience is a delight; it’s the holiday season after all! If patience and time are not an issue, your experience during those busy nights will be as jolly as you make them. Otherwise, we strongly suggest an evening early in the driving season, a weekday, and arriving as close to 5:30 p.m. as possible. 

Q: Can you get out of the car and take selfies with the lights?

Please don’t! Not only are there dangers in jumping out into traffic, but there are also guide wires and posts that hold up our displays that are not always visible at night (not to mention the traffic jam this causes). We’ve seen some great photos/videos taken from inside the car that capture the driving experience and we encourage you to share your (in the car) driving pics with us on social media.  Follow us on Twitter (@hsvbg), Facebook (@HuntsvilleBotanicalGarden) and Instagram (@hsvgarden). Make sure you include #HBGMoments and #GalaxyOfLights.  We love to share your photos of people enjoying the hard work of the Galaxy of Lights volunteers! 

Q: Is there a restroom available during driving nights?

Yes! When you arrive at the booth to pay admission, mention that you need the restroom. Our volunteers will then guide you out of traffic and let you into the Visitor Center.  We will then work you back into line to enjoy the lights.

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