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Herb Garden

Herb GardenContained in this charming ¼ acre garden are 13 theme gardens and a quaint herb cottage. The Knot Garden, located in the center of the garden, is raised 16 inches above ground level. Four L-shaped beds rise 30 inches above ground level in brick-enclosed walls, providing excellent drainage for plants and making the beds accessible to persons in wheel chairs and those with special needs. Some themes include: Culinary, Medicinal, Dye and Fragrance. The Medicinal bed highlights the contributions Native Americans have made to our understanding of plants and their use for medicinal purposes.

Other beds, also raised above ground level, include a Butterfly Garden, Biblical Garden, Tea plants and Heart Healthy plants. A circular bed is planted as a large Tussie Mussie or “talking bouquet.” A Tussie Mussie is a circular nosegay whose fragrant herbs and flowers carry a message in the language of flowers – love, condolence, good luck, or a variety of other sentiments. There are two semicircular beds: one is a Shakespearean herb bed and the other is easy herb gardens and companion plantings for the South. The long Children’s bed beside the vine covered entrance pergola features plants to delight children’s imaginations and teach them to have fun in the garden as they explore the Bunny Trail, River bench, Magic area, Pizza herbs and the Candyland of wonderful plants and flowers.

Shakespeare's bust in the Herb Garden

Shakespeare’s bust in the Herb Garden

The Analematic sundial is appropriately placed in a bed of thyme. As you stand on the appropriate month stone on a sunny day, your body will cast a shadow on the current hour stone encircling the bed.

The rich and colorful history of herbs comes alive to the visitors as they enjoy and learn about the many uses of herbs, both past and present.

The Herb Garden is maintained by members of the Huntsville Herb Society.

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