Category: Conservation Conversation

How HBG Is Combatting Invasive Plant Species

Alabama is one of the most biologically diverse states in North America; however, there are complex challenges in preserving native plant communities. Since invasion of nonnative species is often instrumental in causing habitat degradation and fragmentation, the Huntsville Botanical Garden … Continue reading

Identifying and Controlling Invasive Plants

Why is control of invasive plants important? Most of the introduced plants used in gardens and landscaping are not inherently harmful. However, a few species escape cultivation into unmanaged “natural” landscapes, becoming “weeds” that displace the native plant communities and … Continue reading

2018 Is the Year of the Bird!

Have you seen the cover of the January 2018 National Geographic magazine?  The feature article this month is Why Birds Matter by Jonathan Franzen and as you probably can imagine the pictures alone are intriguing, but once you delve into … Continue reading

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