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  • Education

Naturally Delightful Discovery

At Huntsville Botanical Garden, our education and outreach programs are about more than just learning; they’re about making delightful discoveries in nature and within ourselves.

Dive into a world of learning at the Garden, where adults and children alike can deepen their understanding of the botanical world. Our diverse programs, including adult education, children’s activities, and the Nature Academy, offer everything from gardening tips to plant identification. There’s a discovery for every age and interest. Let’s embark on this green journey together!

For questions about education programs, please contact or 256-830-4447 ext. 253.

Youth Camps

Our camp programs are immersive experiences designed to foster your child’s connection to the natural world.

Certified instructors lead campers through hands-on STEM activities, emphasizing our environmental roles. Activities are designed to spark curiosity, creativity, and a love for exploration, combining outdoor projects with playful learning.

Youth Programs

The Garden is an exciting alternative to traditional classrooms, offering a wide array of youth programs.

With options ranging from individual and family classes to engaging camps and unique birthday parties, there’s an enriching experience waiting for every child and teenager. Discover the joy of learning in nature’s classroom.

Field Trips

The Huntsville Botanical Garden is the place to be to make science come alive for your students.

By providing learning experiences that are an extension of your classroom and in line with National and Alabama Science Standards, your students will discover the amazing world around them in our action-packed field trip adventures.

Family Programs

At Huntsville Botanical Garden, every family finds a place to play, learn, and grow together amid our verdant landscapes and vibrant blooms. We invite families to connect with nature and each other through interactive activities and educational adventures that spark curiosity and foster a lifelong appreciation for the natural world. Join us for a family program at the Garden and watch your family’s love for nature blossom.

Adult Programs

Explore a world of botanical knowledge with our adult programs at the Garden. Delve into gardening, plant identification, and more, tailored for every interest. Whether you’re a green thumb or a curious newcomer, there’s something for everyone. Join us and deepen your connection with nature.

Professional Development

Elevate your STEM teaching skills with Cultivate at Huntsville Botanical Garden, tailored for K-6 educators. Gain confidence through hands-on lessons, valuable resources, and insights from experienced professionals. Dive into a world of STEM possibilities!