Category: Native Plants

Notes from the Garden – November 2019

Did you know that almost 40% of the accessioned plants in our collection are native to southeastern North America? While our garden proudly displays plants from a global palette that grow well in our humid subtropical climate here in north … Continue reading

Where to get native plants for your yard

So, you have heard about how native plants are tough, beautiful, and help support birds and pollinators. Maybe you have spent the last year (or years) eradicating those pretty, monstrous, invasive plants that crept into your yard. You are ready … Continue reading

Why is it important to plant natives?

Interested in learning more about native plants? Join us for our Native Plants Symposium, September 12-14. Click here for information. Biodiversity lossWith the prevalence of artificially cheap exotic plants sold to contractors and homeowners from big box stores for decades, … Continue reading

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