Holmes Trillium Garden

located within the Mathews Nature Trail


2017 Trillium Garden Map

Easy to recognize, trilliums have three leaves, three sepals, and three petals; this is why they are also known as the “Trinity Flower.”

The Holmes Trillium Garden is an education and display garden with several major collections displaying thousands of trilliums and hundreds of select candidate trillium forms. This garden includes Memorial Trillium Collections, Select Area Collections and Native Area Collections. In addition, there are Propagation Demonstration Collections and Trillium Garden Nursery Collections.

The Holmes Trillium Garden is named in honor of Harold Holmes. He began volunteering in 2006 with the goal of creating a nationally-recognized trillium display. This garden is a shady sanctuary for over 30 species of trillium, containing almost every known species from the Tennessee Valley and surrounding regions. Today we can thank his perseverance for the wide array of trilliums in this area.

Trillium1 The Trillium Collection in the Holmes Trillium Garden at Huntsville Botanical Garden has achieved Plant Collections Network, PCN (formerly NAPCC) Accreditation. The collection of 28 Eastern US species and over 200 selected forms and cultivars is displayed throughout the garden. Further measures are being taken to safeguard this flagship collection, transfer critical documentation, and develop interpretive materials to maximize its educational value.

Photographs taken by Jerry Green

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