Lewis Birding Trail

Dedicated in honor of long-time Garden volunteers Herb and Terry Lewis, the Lewis Birding Trail is devoted to the conservation, education, and enjoyment of birdlife. The trail winds through the Garden’s diverse ecosystem of meadows, upland and bottomland forest, wetland, and native wildflower and azalea gardens and highlights a large variety of local and migrating birds.

Did you know the Garden is listed as a birding hotspot in eBird, a global birding data project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology? Click here to discover other great places for birding nearby and around the world.

Download the Birding Trail Map

  • 1 birding 120519

    American Goldfinch (photo courtesy of Herb Lewis)

  • 2 birding 120519

    Green Heron (photo courtesy of Herb Lewis)

  • 3 birding 120519

    Red-Tailed Hawk (photo courtesy of Herb Lewis)

  • 4 birding 120519

    Northern Cardinal (photo courtesy of Herb Lewis)

  • 5 birding 120519

    House Finches (photo courtesy of Herb Lewis)

  • 6 birding 120519

    Great Blue Heron (photo courtesy of Herb Lewis)

  • 7 birding 120519

    Cedar Waxwing (photo courtesy of Herb Lewis)

  • 8 birding 120519

    Red-bellied Woodpecker (photo courtesy of Herb Lewis)

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