Pets at the Garden

The Garden offers multiple days and evenings to enjoy the Garden with your four-legged friend!

*Dog admission is permitted on select dates only. The next dates when dogs are allowed will be Mondays, May 1 – Aug. 31, from 4-6 p.m

Dog Days at the Garden

Thursdays, year-round

Embark on a garden adventure with your furry companions every Thursday throughout the year, during regular Garden hours (Including Golden Hour). Join us for a pet-friendly exploration of nature’s beauty!

Meowy Monday

Mondays, year-round

Get ready to purr with delight, because Meowy Mondays are debuting at Huntsville Botanical Garden starting April 1—no fooling! We’re opening our lush, vibrant garden paths to our feline friends and their humans every Monday. To join in the fun, make sure your kitty companion is either safely leashed or cozily tucked into a pet-approved carrier, stroller, or backpack. With a special cat admission of just $5, we’re embracing the joy and connection that comes from experiencing the natural world together.

Dog Walking Nights

November 20 & 21, 2023
December 18 & 19, 2023

Ready to immerse yourself and your four-legged friend in the magic of the holiday season? Galaxy of Lights Walking Nights offers many opportunities to walk through with your pup!

Winter Dog Days at the Garden

January 2, 2024 – February 29, 2024

Join us for a heartwarming and tail-wagging experience as we
invite you and your furry companions to our enchanting garden for Dog Days at
the Garden. From January through February, our garden transforms into a
canine-friendly paradise, where dogs and their human friends can enjoy the
beauty of the winter season together. Take a leisurely stroll through our
picturesque garden filled with frost-kissed flora, while your four-legged
friend explores the natural wonders all around. Capture precious moments with
your furry family members against the stunning garden backdrop. Share the joy
and beauty of the season with your social media followers.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to celebrate the winter
season with your furry companions. Dog Days at the Garden promises a delightful
experience for dogs and their owners alike. Whether you’re a dog owner or just
an admirer of our four-legged friends, this is sure to warm your heart during
the coolest months of the year. Mark your calendars for a magical dog-friendly
garden adventure from January through February!

Please note that all dogs must be on a leash and up to date on vaccinations. We look forward to seeing you and your canine companions in our winter garden!

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