Additional Rental Information

Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings under any circumstances.

Booking Reservations

An event may be booked in person or by phone or email. Events are booked only when the Hospitality Services Rental office receives both:

  1. A rental contract signed by the person responsible for payment
  2. The non-refundable rental deposit (50% of the rental fee).
    Please make checks payable to Huntsville Botanical Garden or HBG.
    Rental clients are required to make an appointment to view the facilities in person.

Final Payment

The final payment includes the rental balance and any other costs incurred by the event that may include, but are not limited to, additional time, security fee, bartender fee, damage deposit, etc. This final payment is due 30 days prior to the event.


If a reservation is cancelled prior to 30 days before the event, the Garden withholds the rental deposit. If a reservation is cancelled within 30 days of the event, the Garden withholds the entire rental fee. A date transfer (from one date to another) is considered a cancellation, and all policies listed above apply. The new date selected would be considered a new contract, and full rental fees would apply.

Flip Fee

An additional fee is charged in the event that a client would like to have a wedding ceremony and reception in the same space, requiring Garden staff to change ceremony/theater style seating to reception tables and seating. The amount of the flip fee is dependent on the venue.

Damage Deposit

A damage deposit is required 30 days prior to event. The damage deposit will be returned after the event provided all venues are clean and damage-free and terms and conditions have been met. Damage includes, but is not limited to, any violation of the Garden’s alcohol policies or any damage to Garden property, facilities, equipment or grounds. This also includes the removal of any decorations or items left behind. The amount of the deposit is dependent on the venue(s) rented.

Outdoor Venues

All outdoor venues (except for the Pavilion or the Amphitheater) require rental of an indoor facility to provide guests with restroom access and shelter in the event of inclement weather.

Outdoor Furniture and Rental Equipment

The Garden does not supply outdoor furniture. Rental furniture is permitted in designated areas. All rental furniture/equipment must be delivered on the day of the event. Rental furniture must be picked up immediately following the event unless other arrangements are made in advance through the Hospitality Services office. The Garden is not responsible for the setup or breakdown of rental items, and the Garden reserves the right to determine appropriate setup and breakdown times for rental items. The Garden reserves the right to charge an additional rental fee for unscheduled/early deliveries or late pick-ups.


Rentals are typically for six to twelve hours and include set-up, clean-up and the actual event. If additional set-up time is needed, it must be scheduled in advance, subject to staff and facility availability. Extra hours may be purchased. The fee for extra hours is dependent on the venue. Actual event time must end no later than 11:00 p.m. (leaving until 12:00 a.m. for clean-up). Exceptions to the ending time of an event may be made on a case-by-case basis and must be approved in advance by Hospitality Services. A fee of $500 per hour is charged for rentals after midnight. Additional security charges will also apply. All bars must close 30-minutes prior to the end of an event.


A security officer must be present for all events after Garden hours and for all events with alcohol service. There is a $250 fee for a four-hour security officer; $50 per additional hour.


The Garden does not provide catering services. The Garden requires the use of a caterer on our approved list. Any deviation from this policy must be discussed and approved by the Hospitality Services office. A Catering Checklist will be provided and applies to anyone using our kitchens.

Catering Kitchens

The following equipment is standard in our catering kitchens: ice maker, refrigerator/freezer, prep table(s), microwave, warming oven(s), storage racks, and triple sinks. Trash bags and paper towels are provided by the Garden. Please note that the Garden does not provide utensils (cooking and otherwise), ingredients, tablecloths or other linens, towels, potholders, coffee pots, or dish-washing cleaning supplies.


Caterers are responsible for the safe care of all appliances. Please report any malfunctions to the Hospitality Services staff. Please do not use any harsh abrasives on stainless steel surfaces.


No nails, staples, or push pins are allowed. Gaffers tape is the only tape permitted to secure cords, paper, linens, etc. to floors. Existing furniture, artwork, and fixtures, indoor and outdoor, must remain in place. Bubbles, lavender, real flower petals, or glow sticks may be used in outdoor venues. No rice, seeds, sparklers, or silk flower petals may be used. Any decorations left behind shall result in forfeit of damage deposit.


All signage must be approved in advance by Hospitality Services.

Wedding Rehearsals

A one-hour rehearsal may be arranged on a day before the wedding. The rehearsal must take place during Garden hours and is subject to availability.


Rental of a Garden facility, with the exception of the Pavilion and the Amphitheater, includes Garden admission for all guests invited to the event. However, after the Garden closes, guests must remain in the rented area only. Please supervise children for their safety, especially around pond areas.


Locate the fire extinguisher and emergency exits. Please notify the Hospitality Services staff or Security Officer in case of an emergency.

Vendor Parking

Arbor: Vendors may load and unload on the patio behind the Arbor.
Murray Hall: Vendors may load and unload at the flagpole next to Murray Hall
Carriage House: Vendors may unload at the west-side entrance to the Carriage House
Isenberg Grand Hall & Conservatory: Vendors may unload at the loading dock on the east end of the Guest Center or under the porte-cochere.
After unloading, all vehicles must be moved to the main parking lot.

Cleaning and Trash Disposal

Dispose of all food, trash, decorations, etc., in trash bags and secure the bags. Leave the closed trash bags in the kitchen for pick up. Caterers are responsible for leaving the catering kitchen exactly as found. This includes sweeping/mopping, wiping down surfaces, removing all food and preparatory items and placing all trash in the dumpsters. The Garden staff member will provide a checklist for the caterer which must be completed and signed before departure.


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