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Planet Protectors| Nature Academy

Get ready for an exciting adventure as we explore conservation and recycling to keep our planet happy and healthy! We’ll discover why it’s so important to protect our environment. Explore […]

Seed Quest| Nature Academy

Uncover the secrets of seed dispersal – nature’s way of sending seeds on exciting journeys! Get ready for discovery, games, and lots of seed-sational fun! Explore the wonders of science […]

Green Thumb Crew| Nature Academy

We’re putting on our gardening gloves and diving into a world of fun with soil, seeds, and sunshine! Get ready for some exciting gardening activities and watch your green thumbs […]

Eco Explorers| Nature Academy

Let’s say hello to our nature neighbors – from the towering trees in the forest to the busy bees in the meadow. Each one has its own unique address, and […]

Composting Crusaders| Nature Academy

We’re on a mission to turn kitchen scraps into super soil! Banana peels, apple cores, and even vegetable leftovers – they’re all here to join forces and become compost. We’ll […]

Forest Friends| Nature Academy

Embark on a thrilling adventure to explore the magical world of different types of forests and get ready to make friends with these amazing forest dwellers! Sample some forest snacks […]

Garden Creations| Nature Academy

Let’s get to know our plant pals. We’ll learn about flowers, trees, and bushes. Each one has its own unique personality and superpowers. Imagine plants as our nature superheroes! We’ll […]

Sunny Science| Nature Academy

In this fun-filled adventure, we’ll discover how plants work like little chefs using sunlight, air, and water to cook up their own food. Imagine plants as magical kitchen factories, and […]

Buzzing Blooms| Nature Academy

Imagine you have a garden with beautiful flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Bees are like little garden helpers. They go from flower to flower, collecting sweet nectar to make honey. We […]

Youth Programs

Youth Programs Naturally Delightful Discovery At Huntsville Botanical Garden, our youth education programs offer more than just lessons—they inspire delightful discoveries in nature and foster personal growth. Step into a […]