Tweetsville is where curiosity takes flight!

Tweetsville is an immersive experience in the Wicks Family Garden that explores how birds, plants, and people rely on each other to create a healthy ecosystem. In Tweetsville, you can observe birds in their natural environment, learn about bird habitats, and discover new ways of connecting to nature through play.

Tweetsville is open daily during regular Garden hours and is included with Garden admission.

Learn more about what you’ll find in Tweetsville below!

“See Rocket City” Bird House

The “See Rocket City” Bird House is a larger-than-life bird house structure that provides an iconic entrance to Tweetsville and gives a playful nod to the famous “See Rock City” red barns.

Lewis Bird Watch

The Lewis Bird Watch allows you to observe birds in their natural environment from behind a one-way glass. The bird watch looks out on an enclosed landscape where a variety of native plants provide food and shelter for the birds and a bubbling water feature provides a place for them to drink and bathe.

Giant Bird Nest

Measuring 25 feet in diameter, this giant bird nest serves as a place for imaginative play as well as a gathering place for educational programs.

The nest was created by a team of artists based in Maine and Kentucky: Billy Ray Sims, a basket maker; Ann McClellan, an artist and educator; and Justin Roberts, a willow sculpture artist.

Tiny Homes

Three tiny homes represent homes in three different settings: urban, suburban, and rural. These homes are both places to play and models of how you can create a bird-friendly environment in your own backyard, no matter where you live.

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