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Fickle River: A new Perspective on the Tennessee River
Friday October 17, 2014: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Boeing Education Classroom

For over a decade photographer and pilot Ron Lowery has used his aerial artistry to capture the beauty and romance of the Tennessee River. Virtually living in the sky for hundreds of hours, flying his open-cockpit plane, he has photographed the river and its tributaries, revealing this vibrant heartland and waterway of the South in all four seasons.

Now, Lowery invites you to climb into the cockpit in this program of slides and videos of his images. He promises you will look at the river in a whole new way after you see his images.

Beginning at the river’s humble origins in the Appalachian Mountains near Knoxville, he follows along the river’s 652 mile, fickle journey south into Alabama and then traces it as it turns north to join the Ohio River in Kentucky. His behind-the-scenes stories of flying with hot air balloons and the challenges of shooting wildlife photography from above are highlights of his program.

Lowery shows how the river and its watershed - known as the Tennessee Valley - nourish the landscape and lives of people in seven states by providing everything from energy to recreation.

Lowery is a man in love with photographing rivers. His first book, "Chasing Lewis & Clark Across America: A 21st Century Adventure," co-authored with Mary Walker, retraced the route of the famous explorers from the air. Turning his camera closer to home in his newest book, "Tennessee River: Sparkling Gem of the South," captures the landscapes and cityscapes along this river’s path.

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