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What’s Growing On – July 2017

Demonstration Vegetable Garden – tomatoes, zucchini, green beans and blueberries at peak; hosts container research project in cooperation with Auburn University

Fern Collection 170 species located in the Fern Glade; others are located throughout the Garden

  • Japanese Painted Fern, Athyrium niponicum var. pictum – native to eastern Asia; deciduous herbaceous plant featuring whorls of soft grayish-green fronds accented by contrasting dark maroon midribs growing from the basal rootstock; Fern Glade
  • Dixie Wood Fern, Dryopteris x australis – naturally occurring hybrid of Southern Wood fern (D. ludoviciana) and Log Fern (D. celsa); originally discovered in Tennessee by one of the founders of the Huntsville Fern Society, propagated by division and brought to the Fern Glade, shared with other botanical gardens, and made available to the public with the application of tissue culture (being sterile, it can only be reproduced by division or tissue culture); growth habit dramatically upright with large, coarse, dark green, semi-evergreen fronds

Crapemyrtle, Lagerstroemia indica, L. fauriei, L.  limiiL. indica x L. fauriei – exfoliating bark , great fall color and a long bloom season with wide range of colors; size ranges from dwarfs at 18” to trees at 30’; located throughout the Garden

Four Seasons Garden/Damson Aquatic Garden

  • Longwood Hybrid Giant Waterlily, Victoria amazonica x cruziana – huge circular leaves and night blooming flower which opens as a white female flower the first night and as a pink male flower the second night

Joe Pye weed, Eutrochium purpureum – native herbaceous perennial 5-7 ‘tall; mauve pink flowers blooming July-September; located in the Purdy Butterfly House, Four Seasons Garden and Children’s Garden

Bigleaf Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’, Hydrangea macrophylla – bloom color affected by soil pH, blue in acidic soils, however, our are enjoying our alkaline soils in radiant pinks; blooms on both old and new growth unlike other H. macrophylla cultivars; located in the Parking Garden, main path and Bush Azalea Trail

Panicle Hydrangea, Hydrangea paniculata ‘Silver Dollar’, ‘Limelight’, ’White Moth’, ‘Phantom’, ’Pink Diamond’ – deciduous shrubs with panicle flowers opening in white, pink or lime green, some aging to pink, extending the hydrangea bloom season into fall; located throughout the Garden


There’s always something growing on at Huntsville Botanical Garden.

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