Create a Fairy Garden

Have you ever noticed that when a tree loses its leaves, the leaves stick around on the ground for a long time and eventually disappear…almost like magic? It’s not magic, it’s science! Those leaves are decomposing, breaking down into smaller pieces and becoming part of the soil. In fact, any part of a living plant that falls to the ground will eventually decompose – and that’s a good thing! When plant matter decomposes, it restores nutrients to the soil, allowing other plants to grow better.

You can create a little magic of your own using plant matter. Go outside and gather materials you find on the ground, like sticks, leaves, pine cones, and moss. (Remember not to pick anything that is attached to a plant without permission!) Use those items to create a garden for a fairy to hang out in (hint: they like to be close to trees). You can even recycle some items from inside to add to your creation.

Here are some examples of fairy gardens we’ve seen at the Huntsville Botanical Garden:

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