Garden Checklist: February


Warm Season Grasses – Bermuda and Zoysia 

January-Late March: Cut grass very low to about 2 inches high and bag the clippings to help bring turf out of dormancy. Apply a pre-emergent in mid-February to control the annual spring weeds. Re-apply the pre-emergent in 8-10 weeks. 

Shrubs and Trees 

  • If you haven’t already, prune your fruit trees, roses, berry bushes, and other woody ornamentals. You want to complete this while still dormant and before spring growth begins. 
  • Fertilize fruit trees. 
  • Tree and shrub planting season continues.  
  • Prune non-spring flowering shrubs before new growth starts. 


  • Give your tools a good cleaning and sharpening. Make sure you follow all safety guidelines for sharpening tools.  
  • Get your seed final orders in if you haven’t already to ensure you get what you want. 
  • Avoid the spring rush and take your lawn mower and any other mechanized tools you use for preventative maintenance service. 
  • Prepare beds for spring and summer annuals by weeding the bed and loosening up the soil. 
  • Place birdhouses built this winter outdoors this month. Birds will begin looking for nesting sites soon. 
  • Continue to fill all bird feeders to provide extra food sources for birds.  

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