Monthly Archives: September 2016

Giant Amazonian Water Lily

Known as the Giant Amazonian Water lily, Victoria amazonica , named for Queen Victoria in the 1830’s, has blooms that only last two nights!  Tucked between the huge circular leaves, called platters, are single buds that open white the first … Continue reading

Introduction to Curation Corner

Hello there! My name is Tracy, and I am the assistant curator at the Huntsville Botanical Garden. “What, exactly, does an assistant curator do?” you might ask. Well, I’ll tell you. I help our Curator, Mike Gibson, to ensure our … Continue reading

Beyond the Birding Trail

This past week a participant on a spring birding tour hosted by the Garden called the Garden’s Visitor Center to tell of seeing a white hummingbird in her backyard. One of our bird savvy volunteers, Edna Deener who took the … Continue reading

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