Monthly Archives: November 2018

What’s Growing On – December 2018

Viola cornuta ‘PAS1122565’ Sorbet® XP Beaconsfield, Horned Violet (Located at the Damson Aquatic Garden) Viola cornuta, commonly called horned violet, grows to 6-8” tall and spreads to 12” wide. Round-toothed, ovate, evergreen leaves have large stipules giving it its common … Continue reading

Backyard Composting

It’s Garden Chat Wednesday! What to do with all of those fallen leaves? Rather than filling garbage bags (ugh!) and adding to our landfills, why not consider composting them or turning them into mulch? Niki has some great advice and … Continue reading

Stop and Smell the Witch Hazel

It’s Garden Chat Wednesday! We’re admiring this gorgeous Hamamelis vernalis or “Christmas Cheer” witch hazel. Sadly, we can’t share its fragrance through the camera so you’ll have to stop by for a post-Thanksgiving walk and smell it for yourself! More … Continue reading

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