Category: Huntsville Botanical Garden

Butterfly Lifecycle – Part One

The butterfly life cycle has four stages. Butterflies undergo complete metamorphosis, or in other words, a complete change of body form. They begin life as a larva hatched from an egg, pupate in the chrysalis state to emerge as a … Continue reading

Refreshing Summer Drink

Summer is here with our gardens growing like weeds. Maybe too many weeds but who’s counting. Everywhere you look there are gorgeous watermelons to enjoy. Pick the perfect watermelon and create this refreshing drink. With all the rain, my Basil … Continue reading

New Resident on the Birding Trail

The day before the 3 June Members Pop-up early morning birding tour, Garden staff observed 2 owls near a nesting box on the upper Dogwood Trail. During the tour, we were very fortunate to not only find a Screech Owl, but … Continue reading

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